Here are some books, that I read. Having rated them as good does not necessarily mean, that I endorse the message.

Smart Phone Dumb Phone by John Dicey [/Allen Carr] - 15.08.2021
Imagine wearing shoes that are too small, just for the pleasure you get when you finally take them off. This is what addiction is like. This is another one of the Allen Carr EasyWay books. Having quit alcohol by using the EasyWay, I am already a fan of that method. It is basically brainwashing yourself. Addiction works by keeping you in a constant uncomfortable state, that is released when you get your fix. When stressful situations inevitably arrive, your addiction kicks in and suggests you the fix, which is obviously not helpful at all.

Ecodefense by David Foreman and various others - 12.08.2021
A whole lot of the techniques described in this book don't seem to fit for use in Germany/Europe, where almost no wild nature remains. Nonetheless, a useful read. The parts about organizing, mindset and making no mistakes are great and should probably be read once more.

Books I did not finish